We provide guidance to individuals making conscious career decisions during change processes, and support employers and institutions in developing appealing offers for international employees and their families.

For International Talents

Accompanying and supporting career transitions is our core competence – from one country to another, after parental leave and career breaks, from academic to non-university careers or other sectoral transitions. We work as career development coaches with highly educated (international) talents and accompanying expat partners. Talent Interlock supports them with customized trainings, workshop programs and career development coaching in finding their way into the (local) labour market.

Our focus: empowering to take the next career step 

  • We help you defining what you want    
  • We help you letting your qualities shine
  • We provide knowledge about the local labour market
  • We support connecting you.

For Companies and Public Institutions

For public institutions like universities, Welcome centers/International Houses, cities as well as for companies we offer strategic support in refining their talent attraction and talent retention strategies and welcome policies, for example by providing customized workshops and trainings to their international staff and/or the accompanying partner.

Investing in these services is essential for employers in times of shortage of skilled labor and a workers’ job market. Employer branding including authentic and effective measures to increase diversity amongst the employees as well as equal opportunities for female talents helps companies stand out.

Talent Interlock - Career Development

Career Development Training

We are offering career development training, workshops, and webinars to provide learning and skill-building opportunities for individuals to enhance their professional growth and advance their careers.
These activities focus on various aspects of career development, such as personal leadership skills, communication and networking, personal branding, job interview training, CV writing.
Our flagship are the Dual career workshops. Focused on international career couples, this series of workshops are developed for the accompanying partners of expats/international employees who are striving to continue their own career at the new place.
Public institutions or companies booking us can enhance their portfolio of training.

Talent Interlock - Career Development
Talent Interlock Coaching - Andy Whittle


We are offering career and life coaching to identify and achieve personal and professional goals. Career coaching specifically focuses on helping individuals make informed decisions about their work and career paths, while life coaching takes a holistic approach, looking at various aspects of an individual’s life and helping them find balance and fulfilment. Both types of coaching can involve goal-setting, creating action plans, exploring values and beliefs, and developing communication and relationship skills. By working with a coach, individuals can gain clarity, confidence, and direction to achieve their desired outcomes.

Talent Interlock - Moderation and Speaking

Moderation & Speaking

We moderate career events and can offer speaking engagements with focus on international talent attraction, career transition from academia to non-academic, academic career enhancement, equal opportunities etc. We have been booked to oversee and lead panel discussions or presentations at career-related events, to facilitate productive and engaging discussions on various topics related to career development and job search, or present best practices.

Talent Interlock - Moderation and Speaking
Talent Interlock - Consultancy


We provide consulting in talent attraction and equal opportunities which involves providing expert advice and support to organisations looking to attract a diverse range of talented individuals and create inclusive and equitable workplace cultures. By doing so, individuals and organisations can tap into the full potential of the talent pool and create more equitable and innovative business models.

Talent Interlock - Other Services

Other Services

We combine an entrepreneurial mindset, thinking outside the box, and finding creative solutions to challenges with advocating for international talent. This makes us a partner in bouncing your ideas when it comes to fostering diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, provide equal opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and improve talent attraction.

Talent Interlock - Other Services


“I recommend the service to anyone who is serious about establishing a welcoming culture for international professionals!”

Stephan Schäfer
Welcome Service Stadt Aachen

"The International House Leuven worked and works with Talent Interlock on a number of career related programs. These range from one hour webinars, over in-person workshops to intensive career weeks.Lea and Nicole have always felt as part of our team rather than external service providers. They took the time to really learn what our needs are and proactively made suggestions on what would work for our organisation and audience, developed programs accordingly, but were equally honest in sharing what didn’t or wouldn’t work. As coordinator I’ve always felt comfortable completely handing a project over to them. I know I can rely on the job being done as agreed (and beyond)."

Natalie De Filette – International House Leuven

"KU Leuven has been working with Talent Interlock to guide the partners of our international senior academics to tackle their own professional challenge and find fulfilment in Belgium. Talent Interlock organises a trajectory of a number of group sessions for us, supplemented with individual coaching if desired by the participants. Over the years, the format has been finetuned and is adapted yearly. We love the welcoming and open atmosphere that Lea, Nicole and the other trainers manage to create in the sessions every year and time and time again we hear nothing but praise from the participants. For KU Leuven, this program is certainly an added value in our efforts to help international researchers integrate in Belgium together with their families and we highly recommend it to other companies who value the wellbeing of their international employees."

Caroline Gilbert – University of Leuven

"We have engaged Lea and Nicole as facilitators for two of our Career Days each with over 100 participants as well as for the Advanced Talents Days, together with two other Universities, in 2021 and 2022. Right from the start of each event, they were involved in the preparation, implementation and follow-up. They were highly professional in dealing with guest speakers and our target group at all times and understood how to address important career relevant topics of young scientists. We would unreservedly recommend Lea and Nicole for the facilitation of both presence and online events. We enjoyed working with them very much so far and look forward to working with them in the future."

Career Center – Forschungszentrum Jülich

"Together with Talent Interlock, we were able to develop various digital event formats in a very short time, ranging from information events for larger groups to workshop series in small groups. It became immediately clear to me that we are dealing with absolute specialists in the field of dual-career counselling for internationals. Lea and Nicole understood our goals and needs and were able to give us valuable support in designing our offers. They were able to get all the relevant information for the three labour markets of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in one go was extraordinary. Both of them put their heart and soul into their work and do not see it as just another job, but want to help people/customers achieve their goals. I would recommend the service to anyone who is serious about establishing a welcoming culture for international professionals."

Stephan Schäfer – Welcome Service Stadt Aachen

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