Going independent

Personal branding workshop series

Do you have THE idea for your own venture? Or are you not there yet but would like to get practical information and inspiration from other expats? There is so much information out there – in Dutch, but where to start?

In this workshop

  • We’ll share practical information on how to become freelance in Flanders
  • You will get to hear the story of an expat and multiple founder in Leuven
  • You will put your hands onto a Business Model Exercise to start putting thoughts together and getting feedback

You will also be getting

  • A great opportunity to network with other expat spouses who are in very similar situations
  • Insights about the Belgian labour market along the way
What participants say: 

“Incredibly useful and packed full of information and inspiration. I also met some lovely people.“

“This workshop was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the basics in beginning your own business in Belgium. Much information was provided and many connections were made with other self-starters.”

“Even though the session seemed packed, there is a tonne of information to get you started. Worth participating in it!”

Next session

15 November 2018
19:00 – 21:30

Next dates available soon!


2.5 hours


EUR 40
(50% discount available if you sign up using the offer code "IHLVN" - thanks to the International House Leuven)

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