Personal branding workshop series

How can I effectively adapt my communication style to my communication partner?

In cooperation with International House Leuven!

Effective Communication – meaningful conversation

We have extensive experience communication, as we converse every day, yet we often fail to turn an interaction into more than meaningless small talk. Ranging from a quick chat with our neighbor to an impromptu conversation at an event, this meaningless small talk is a missed opportunity to connect and discover potential new opportunities for our future.
How can we better prepare for impromptu interactions, and turn irrelevant small talk into a meaningful conversation?

In this workshop, YOU WILL LEARN to

  • Active listen
  • Prompt the other to speak
  • Ask the right questions
  • Express yourself more clearly
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Networking with other expat spouses

Max. 12 participants

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4 hours



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