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Are we there yet? What did lockdown and what does the end of it mean to you as an international living abroad? What do you think when you reflect upon the last weeks? Maybe some of the following hits home for you.

Being an expat/international during times of Corona, lockdown and phasing out of lockdown can mean…

… constantly checking news in several languages – for home and for your new home country.

… maybe having an additional sense of insecurity – did we get the measures by the government right if we don’t fully speak the language yet?

… maybe being scared.

… maybe being proud of your new home – when Leuven provides face masks for every inhabitant or when you see the sense of community displayed by people here.

… checking on boarder regulations, searching flights and/or considering driving four days in a car with a small kid in tow to see your parents this summer.

… missing your family and friends back home.

… not being able to do the grocery shopping for your elderly parents like you see the sons of the lovely lady who lives across the street do for their mom.

… maybe not feeling the isolation of lockdown as badly since some important people in your lives you only see through Whatsapp calls anyway – so not much of a change?

… news how Australia, the UK, Sweden or other countries are dealing with Corona are feeling very personal suddenly because friends you made along your expat life moved over there not long ago.

… learning a lot about intercultural differences in how your new and your old home country and people over here and over there are treating the ease of lock down measures.

… maybe being already at home more than you thought because you do manage. Here.


In the end, it comes down to having your mind in more than one country. As always.

What were your learnings as an international during lockdown and end of lockdown? Stay safe!

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